Flooring Contracting Services
Flooring Contracting Services
We are professionals!
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We are professionals!
CALL TODAY! 706-882-9480
What We Do
A full service commercial flooring company
Flooring Contracting Services, founded in 1958, specialise in commerical flooring. Our mission is to provide our customers with the most responsive, professional and innovative solutions available on the market today. Our staff and contractors are experienced and qualified in a range of small and large scale flooring services.
Our Services
We are a staff of trained and experienced contractors.
  1. New Installation
    Installation of all flooring products
  2. Extra Heavy Lift
    Lifting File Storage, Library and extra heavy case work using the newest lifting systems
  3. Owner Occupied Space
    Installation of carpet in a workplace setting with little or no downtime using the Levtiate lifting system
Commercial Flooring
We work in the Commercial, Hospitality and Entertainment market. Throught total Project Managment for all types of floor covering and Turn Key solutions.
With our experence we partner with you
from planning to job compleation.